Alexander and Darlene's Farm Haven - Pet

Alexander's Petting Farm

Gather the kids and come play with our family of animals!

Our farm includes two miniature horses (Blue and Arti), six Nigerian Dwarf goats (Luna, Clarabelle, Star, Thor, Rosie and Annabel), two Angora goats (Thelma and Louise), one Miniature donkey (Molly), three Holland Lop rabbits and an Alpaca - Apple Jack. They all live out their lives in comfort on our land, safe from the threat of consumption.

We encourage you to book an appointment in advance of your arrival. Contact us for information on special event requests.

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Come play on our farm!

  • Visit us at the farm and hang out with all our animals

    1 hr 30 min
    7 Canadian dollars

Closed till July 2022